About Coed Panteg

Coed Panteg is a woodland co-op, part of the Woodland Co-Op Ltd. It was set up in October 2002 with much enthusing & discussion.

We are a fully mutual co-op, meaning that all the members are directors of the co-op.

Coed Panteg is in Carmarthenshire, about two miles east of Ferryside, overlooking the Towy estuary on the Llandefaelog road. It was a parcel of farmland when the Co-Op bought it and some of us grow vegetables and fruit for our own use. We also have a connection with an organic farm that grazes black Welsh cattle on the pasture we have.

This site is our front page presence and is a static display. In line with our co-operative ethos we want our information to be accessible to all our members to edit and to contribute, for that reason more detailed information is contained in our Wiki, follow the link in the menu.


About Us

Members There are nine members of the co-op. We come from various walks of life, and we all have a strong committment to the maintenance of the woodland, and the preservation of wildlife habitat.

We hold regular open work days, doing such things as coppicing and tree planting among other things. Anyone is welcome to come and join in. We are also happy to show people around at other times, contact one of the co-op members to arrange a convenient time if you are interested in visiting.

The bulk of the land is managed by the co-op as a whole, under an agreed management plan. There are also small plots where the individual co-op members can pursue their own projects and have their own gardens. All projects undertaken by an individual or as a group comply with our sustainability rules, which were drawn up by the members.


Some history

We formed a co-op because the principles and structures of co-ops fit with our ethics. The idea was to have communal ownership of the land, yet at the same time to allow individuals to pursue sustainable projects of their own.

There are nine members of the co-op now, and we collectively work at the maintenance and development of Coed Panteg

Members are licensed to use a plot for their own projects, such as gardening and have the freedom to do whatever projects they like on their plots, as long as they comply with the co-op's rules the co-op.

The co-op is a collective. All members of the co-op are directors”. Which means everyone has an equal say in, and responsibility, for the running of the co-op. Decisions are made by unanimous agreement or consensus wherever possible.

You can read more about the history of the co-op on our wiki.